Bittersweet Kandy

Kandy – the old capital of the empire era in Sri Lanka is a very crowded city,. It is located in a central and lies on a plateau. The city is full of traffic; buses, pedestrians, trains are everywhere.

You may see all about life of the Sri Lanka’s people here.


A street in Kandy, on a side are many vans and tuk tuks


Full of tuk tuks, cars, buses


An alley up and down, with many pedestrians


Outside the most sacred and original Temple of the Tooth


Lighting and praying


Colourful flowers to be sold, people will wear them as a necklace or bring in the temple


Kandy Lake, take a walk around to discover the city and have some best panorama view


A local ceremony

Kandy, 2018




The magnificent Bagan

The trip to Bagan last year with me was very special. It’s the time to really enjoy the ancient city with the magnificent beauty. But I had a very annoying teeth, it tortured me from Tokyo then affected my journey here. However I still been able to have many great memories here and do enjoy the beatiful ancient town.

The town is full of dust – quite cold in the morning, but very peaceful and tranquil. Anything is so amazingly magnificent, from the sunrise to sunset. Every corner will offer you something to enjoy.


The colourful hanging puppets those are very popular in Bagan


The magnificent sunrise with air-balloons


In the hall outside Shwezigon pagoda

December 2017


The local coach

Taking trains is always an amazing experience in any countries, especially when we do it on a local coach. The trains in Sri Lanka is one of the most interesting experience that we should try once in our life time, with magnificent sight seeing, cool breeze and funny travelers we can meet along the trip.


In a 2nd class local coach – The train from Kandy to Ella

April 2018


Stormy Manila

There are many news floating around that the situation of Manila and some regions in the Philipines now is messy. So decided to stay right in the middle of Malate and Ermita – the truely old Manila city. Those are regions of workers, outcasts, gangs, prostitution…

But finally I founded out that they are very interesting places to discover, and quite safe honestly (if you know how to be safe as a stranger). I could walk around and took living photos with my Leica or phone normally. In the morning you can walk through Manila bay. Sometimes you can see the polices are trying to catch thieves or smt like that, even a hear-alike gun sound ( or sounds from the construction site near that as the reception told me).


A man was standing on Manila bay walk, before an incoming tropical storm


Malate by night – a family in their dinner


That’s really an econo room

Manila, October 2017


Music Journal

I used to use Lastfm in the past. It is such a great place for music lover whom always want to discover the so wide music world. Just suddenly see an e-mail, login back to my old profile (the 2nd or 3rd, maybe). So great to see my old journal of music, a lot to tell. And some friends on that special place.

In the old yahoo mail, found some e-mails for Italian books, the very first, time flies.


Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.05.36 AM